7Factor Software Awarded “Innovator of the World” by Innovate Georgia 


7Factor was awarded by The INNOVATE® publishing series for its dedication to driving innovation through human-centric principles in crafting software solutions for enterprises and startups, showcasing its commitment to delivering value and top-notch quality.

Embracing growth and innovation at 7Factor

7Factor expresses our gratitude to the INNOVATE® publishing series for acknowledging our commitment to excellence among a select group of companies on a national scale. Our mission is dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality in our work and providing value for our clients. Our small yet dynamic teams operate within a collaborative, human-centered culture characterized by fast feedback loops, trust, excellence, and empathy. This approach ensures the consistent development of high-quality solutions that are robust, scalable, and secure from inception.

7Factor’s commitment to excellence:

7Factor's key differentiator lies in our human-centric approach. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating small, high-performing teams led by engineers who possess a deep understanding of software development intricacies. This approach enables us to deliver tailored solutions of exceptional quality to meet our clients' unique needs.

7Factor’s Director of Client Services, Sarah Dant, further emphasizes, "At 7Factor, we prioritize fostering a generative culture centered around balance, kindness, and grace. We firmly reject the 'grind' or 'hustle culture' mindset, recognizing its detrimental effects such as burnout, dissatisfaction, and subpar coding outcomes. Instead, we empower our teams to excel by providing a supportive environment where they can thrive and produce their best work."

7Factor’s growth continues

As 7Factor continues to grow, our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions remains central, driving continuous improvement both with our clients and within our organization. 

  • Adding Talented People to Our Teams: We actively recruit and onboard skilled individuals who share our values and mission, enriching the depth and expertise of our teams. 
  • Creating Lasting Partnerships: Through establishing enduring partnerships with industry leaders like AWS, we secure access to cutting-edge technologies and resources, enabling us to offer even more innovative solutions to our clients. 
  • Always Leveling Up to Solve Problems: Our pursuit of excellence allows us to continuously seek new challenges and opportunities for growth. By consistently refining our skills and capabilities, we are equipped to tackle complex problems and deliver superior outcomes.

Here's to more great achievements on the horizon for 7Factor as we remain dedicated to evolving, expanding, and innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.