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The Human Factor

A Culture of Excellence & Grace

Committed to uncompromising quality in our craft and sustainable value for our clients, our high- performing small teams collaborate in a human-centric, generative culture of kind candor, trust, excellence and grace. It’s how we consistently engineer quality solutions that are stable, scalable and secure from the beginning. 

How We Do It

From the start of your project, you’ll work closely with an engineering manager (EM) who will orchestrate the work of a high-performing team of 2-4 engineers.


Your EM will access additional small teams as needed to scale up to the scope and timeline of your needs. A customer success lead (CSL) will facilitate our collaboration. 


Our EMs, CSLs, distinguished engineers (DEs), and executive team cultivate our generative culture with processes and practices that empower our full potential to craft high-value solutions for you. 

How We Do It
Engineering teams infographic

Collaboration and Communication

  • UX partner- or client-led discovery before and during projects where necessary  
  • DevOps-focused delivery for fast feedback loops 
  • Kanban-preferred implementation of Agile methodology 
  • Probabilistic estimates and forecasting 
  • Kind candor and professionalism with everyone involved 

Continuous Improvement

  • Kaizen commitment to continuous improvement  
  • Robust delivery systems for CI/CD and rapid iteration 
  • Pragmatic refactoring to optimize readability and maintainability 
  • Automated testing to ensure quality, including unit tests, API tests, and UAT 

High-Performing Small Teams

Ready to get started?

Our teams are here to Build Good Things.

Monique Weeks

Monique Weeks

Associate Vice President, Aveanna Healthcare

“Working with 7Factor, we plant a seed. ‘This is what we think we need,’ and we have a conversation. They always come back with better ideas.”