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Tackle your toughest problems, seize new opportunities, and enhance your operations with custom systems that are secure, stable, and scalable.

Our high-performing small teams of engineers will craft the quality solutions you need to succeed.

Project Execution

What products, systems, and solutions will allow your organization to grow revenue, increase efficiency, engage with employees, serve your customers, further your mission, solve a difficult problem, or gain a competitive advantage? 


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Cloud Native Enterprise Solutions

IT Infrastructure and Ops

Custom Web & Mobile Apps

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Multimodal Partnerships 620

Multimodal Partnerships

To build what you need, our software engineering teams can work with you in one or more of several modes. 

Product Development. In close collaboration with your in-house product owner or one of our preferred UX partners, we’ll take the lead and develop the product you need.

Autoscaling Engineering. When the enterprise solutions, migrations, or extensions you need overrun the capacity of your in-house development team, delegate your priority projects to our small teams. 

Blended Teams. Sometimes your engineers just need a little extra help with the projects they’re leading. Augment your capacity at need by bringing in our small teams to help.

Build-Run-Support. Simpler solutions with systems custom-built for you. Deployed, hosted, run, and maintained by us.

Audits & Remediation for

Compliance & Cloud

Do your systems meet or exceed applicable standards and regulations for security, reliability, privacy, and digital trust? We’ll audit your critical infrastructure and applications for compliance with SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, and more. If we find problems, we’ll recommend solutions. We also conduct cloud readiness assessments and provide remediation support. 

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Ginger Brauhn

Senior Scrum Master, FLEETCOR

"The leadership of the 7Factor team and the quality of code that they delivered is by far the best I have seen in my 30 years of working with development teams."

Our Capabilities

At 7Factor, we love to learn, and we support one another in our continuous growth. Our capabilities are always evolving to meet the needs of our clients, and presently include:

Languages & Frameworks

We don’t believe that any one framework or language can be the right tool for every project.

Our polyglot software engineers are experienced in all major tech stacks and  learn new technologies every day. We are experienced in Typescript, Angular, React, .NET (Core and Framework), Ruby on Rails, GoLang, Java, Flutter, Rust, Vue, and many, many more. Whatever language or framework you need, we’ll apply our core principles and best practices to build good things for you. 

Mobile Development

We build and maintain custom web and mobile apps for iOS and Android in frameworks including React Native and Flutter.

We’ll also architect, develop, and deploy APIs, databases, and the full ecosystem of services in which your mobile app operates.

Infrastructure & Ops

We build systems that are secure, reliable, highly available, scalable, extensible, and optimized for continuous improvement.

An AWS Select Tier Services Partner, we are also experienced in Azure and GCP. We design, deploy, update, and maintain infrastructure as code using Terraform modules.

And we build CI/CD pipelines using all the major frameworks (did we mention we really like Concourse?). 

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