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Health IT digital transformation at speed keeps essential pediatric home health care providers on the job.

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The Challenge

When Aveanna Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of pediatric home care services, received a mandate from Medicaid to provide electronic visit verification, their internal development team outsourced the task to two large software development vendors. Work proceeded slowly, with some projects entangled in unreleased, conflicting code, while other solutions went unintegrated (and unused) within the workflow. 

Aveanna hired 7Factor to streamline and accelerate progress, but the team quickly encountered some eccentric custom configurations of Azure DevOps Server that only one Aveanna team member knew how to operate. 

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Our Solution

Scrapping the Azure DevOps Server implementation, we opted for open-source Concourse to support continuous delivery. As a result, any authorized engineer could deploy to production, and the pipeline could easily handle thousands of deployments per day. We then worked closely with back-office staff and caregivers to understand the workflows and pain points associated with a web-based scheduler app, as well as two native apps: Aveanna Connect and Aveanna EVV (for electronic visit verification).  

Using their feedback, we redesigned all three apps to be more intuitive and efficient for all. The 7Factor team rebuilt the Aveanna EVV app in React on the open-source Expo platform. We also migrated the app backend services from .NET Framework to .NET Core, all in Docker containers using ECS, and ran it all on Linux to save Aveanna thousands of dollars on AWS services.  

Finally, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, which unfurled mid-project, our team worked closely with Aveanna’s engineers and utilized the DevOps infrastructure we had implemented to roll out a well-designed and intuitive solution for deploying electronic badges that certified critical caregivers.  






Redesigned Apps


Client Review

“Working with 7Factor, we plant a seed. ‘This is what we think we need,’ and we have a conversation. They always come back with better ideas, and they’re always thinking about the user perspective. I enjoy working with the 7Factor crew.” 

Monique Weeks

Associate Vice President, Business and Clinical Solutions

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What Sets Us Apart

You can find excellent engineers in a variety of places. What’s far more difficult to find, however, is a high-performing culture that brings out the best in its engineering teams. We quickly identified how culture was getting in the way of innovation at Aveanna, and we took it on as an added challenge. Collaborating in a culture of trust with Aveanna’s engineers, our team could work quickly and effectively, rolling out a well designed and intuitive solution in record time. No bottlenecks got in the way of rapid deployment and improvement.  

“It’s refreshing for me,” said Clinical IT Product Owner Karen Waller, “their willingness to listen and understand the perspectives and workflows of our end users.” With an optimized DevOps infrastructure and 7Factor’s high-performing small teams of elite engineers, Aveanna is at last realizing the many benefits of integrated, cloud-based healthcare IT.  

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