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Strategic app development helps deliver pocket-sized mental health support to employees

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The Challenge

Espyr is a digitally forward company dedicated to redefining workplace well-being beyond traditional mental health services. They recognized the critical need for immediate support as employee mental health faced significant challenges during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this, they sought to create a mobile app, "Espyr Connect," that would revolutionize employee wellness by providing accessible and functional resources.

Recognizing the importance of an intuitive user experience, Espyr partnered with 7Factor to develop Espyr Connect. By developing a well-architected mobile app designed to deliver their services and resources easily, they would be able to improve their member experience tenfold.

In addition to hitting the mark quickly in the short term, they also needed to engineer as much flexibility as possible into their product designs so that they would be adaptable to future digital trends and employee health needs.

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Our Solution

A robust mobile application helping thousands find mental health providers, discover resources, and more.

Espyr Connect was developed using React Native, Retool, AWS, and Firebase for flexibility and functionality. A Drupal content management system (CMS) was deployed to enable easy content management. Manual quality assurance testing was conducted to ensure a smooth user experience. Regular feedback loops, both from internal QA testing and the Espyr team, were established to address user friction points and refine the app. 

The app was designed with future adaptability in mind, allowing for easy maintenance and expansion of features as employee needs and digital trends evolve.


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"Mental health is important. We have to pay attention to it. It's not something that people emphasize enough. We, as a company, support mental health; we, as a company, support ensuring people have good mental health. If a product supports that, we’re very proud to build it.

Jeremy Duvall

7Factor Founder

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What Sets Us Apart

At 7Factor, we don’t count our successes exclusively by numbers. It’s critical for us to earn our clients’ trust and create a two-way value exchange throughout the process. While developing Espyr Connect, we were able to provide strategic input that the Esypr team found valuable — a key performance metric for our engineering team.  

“We regularly have conversations where, at 7Factor, we like to think of ourselves not just as mechanics, but as advisors and partners,” explained Robinson. “I think that's been important with Espyr because we have had a long relationship. We're looking forward to it being even longer.”

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