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Combining two stagnant applications into one effective user interface to simplify reimbursement for truck drivers and their families.

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  • Flutter, Auth0

The Challenge

FLEETCOR, a global business payment processor, offered six apps across their portfolio of payment cards and B2B payment solutions, but was looking to eventually combine all of them into one for maximum administrative and user simplicity. To start, they set out to combine two payment card apps for truck drivers and their families using Flutter, an open-source UI framework created by Google.  

The objective for the 7Factor team was to create a modern framework that would allow the FLEETCOR team to better maintain and update the app while pivoting to a more customer-first strategy for digital products. 7Factor quickly discovered that both apps had originally been built with the first version of Ionic, prompting the team to publish small updates in Ionic before moving to the new version in Flutter. We also needed to make sure that the apps would have the latest security protections, meaning the authentication method would have to change.  

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Our Solution

As polyglot software engineers, we were more than ready to apply software engineering best practices to help FLEETCOR modernize and combine its payment card apps using the Flutter framework. As a time-saving measure, the team set up a mobile-specific CI/CD pipeline with a separate Mac runner for Apple builds. To address authentication, the team set to work using Auth0 to improve app security and make sure industry standards were being followed. 

We then fused the two apps into one app—driven, prioritizing unit testing throughout. User acceptance testing (UAT) of Driven, in preparation for launch, revealed very few errors. Moving forward, users will get a better experience, and FLEETCOR will spend less time and money on upgrading and maintaining the product.  


Annual revenue


Transactions processed per year

9,900 +


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Bugs & Potential future user stories from UAT

"The leadership of the team and the quality of code that they delivered is by far the best I have seen in my 30 years of working with development teams"

Ginger Brauhn

Senior Scrum Master, FLEETCOR 

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What Sets Us Apart

Pivots are part and parcel of any development project, so we maintain an agile approach no matter the language, framework, or program. We also strive to become a seamless extension of our client’s team. On this project, that meant integrating with the client’s Scrum workflow. We worked closely with the FLEETCOR team to make sure our process would allow them to hit their targets while maintaining our own service level agreements (SLAs). “We did a lot of work to make sure that we can work with them in the process they want to work in, and collect the metrics they want to collect, while also still making sure that it is not slowing down our dev process,” explained 7Factor Engineering Manager Jordan Welch. 

Throughout the project, we also partnered with FLEETCOR to help them develop their internal systems so that they would have the infrastructure they needed to create an internal mobile practice at the company. The FLEETCOR team is now in a much better position to manage and evolve their own apps in the long run. 

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