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AWS infrastructure update gets artists paid.

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The Challenge

Wright Business Management Group Founder Todd Wright knew his clients needed an easier method for tracking and receiving royalty splits. Due to a widespread lack of clarity in song split agreements, U.S. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) had accumulated hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in royalties they could not pay out to artists.  

In response to the black box royalty problem, Wright formed SongSplits, but immediately faced two key obstacles: 1) no single source of truth for royalty distributions and 2) a non-scalable MVP architecture built in raw PHP that could not support the app’s rapid growth. 

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Our Solution

In one month and two days, 7Factor engineers rebuilt the application, keeping it in PHP, but using the Laravel framework for out-of-the-box speed, security, and standardization. The new platform was built on AWS infrastructure with Concourse and Terraform and included checks to verify accurate splits, protecting the solution from any litigation.  

Engineers also wrote a script that parsed through the existing database to normalize, deduplicate, and carry over necessary information for the new application. To monetize the service, online payment systems now collect royalties for artists who opt into the payment service. SongSplits handles payments on their behalf, speeding crucial monies to their bank accounts. 


Sources of income attached to a single song 

20% - 50%

Of music payments do not make it to their rightful owner 

200k +

SongSplits users, including Beyonce, T-Pain & Bieber


Client review

“This is my first time building out a tech platform. I don’t really know all the questions to ask, and sometimes I ask a dumb question. But Jeremy and the engineers were great at explaining what was going on in a way that made sense to me without being overly technical. But not being so simple where I didn’t feel like I wasn’t gaining any information either.” 

Todd Wright

Founder, SongSplits

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What Sets Us Apart

Rebuilding the SongSplits code wasn’t the hardest thing our software engineers have ever done. Not by a longshot. The key to the simplicity of the project, however, lay in the clarity that 7Factor Founder Jeremy Duvall brought to defining the problem to be solved, and in our engineers identifying a precise and specific solution to that problem. That comes from years of experience and an uncompromising dedication to high-quality, practical solutions. 


Similarly, integrating a secure payment platform was familiar territory for 7Factor’s engineers. Wright could have chosen a payment platform on his own, then hired a freelance developer to integrate it. Maybe it would have worked, and maybe it would have been secure. 

“The value we’re bringing,” explained Duvall, “is knowing the best, most cost-effective way to integrate a payment platform. We’re getting him what he needs for fractions of a penny, whereas traditional payment gateways are going to cost you exorbitant amounts of money to get lined up.”

In the end, 7Factor delivered a secure, scalable solution on a condensed timeline without sacrificing key considerations related to quality, compliance, and future growth. 

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