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Healthcare IT expertise helps protect people from infectious disease.

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The Challenge

Aveanna Healthcare provides a range of in-home healthcare services that became all the more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to ensure the safety of their 30,000 nurses, therapists, home health aides, and other caregivers – and thus guarantee patients did not experience an interruption to their care – they needed a quick, scalable (and digital) way to conduct daily health screenings to check employees for symptoms. Aveanna partnered with 7Factor to build a screening solution that could then be made available to any organization in need during the global pandemic. 


7Factor had to strike a balance between speed, security, and compliance, since the application would contain sensitive protected health information (PHI). The end product would need to work across borders while remaining flexible to science’s deepening understanding of the disease, evolving public health recommendations, a shifting regulatory landscape, and different state and local practices.  

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Our Solution

7Factor decided to build a health-screening solution that could be custom configured for different organizations and easily updated according to the latest public health and regulatory guidance.  

Justin Cullifer, Founder of APG Emerging Tech, collaborated with the 7Factor team, using Axure to rapidly prototype realistic, clickable, interactive wireframe experiences in a zero-code environment. 7Factor’s software engineers then leveraged these tested designs to develop a secure, stable, and scalable architecture using Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Vue, Actionhero, and React Native.  


Industries adopted method

200k +

People screened 

5,000 +

Referred for further evaluation

2,500 +

Monthly users

“For every one person that WellEntry flags and they were in fact positive, WellEntry saved lives. And that’s the core principle that’s very, very impactful.” 

Eliot Schoenfeld

7Factor software engineer

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What Sets Us Apart

7Factor doesn't sacrifice quality for speed. All-nighters, after all, lead to poor quality code, and hustle culture is ultimately unproductive. “When it comes to building things the right way,” explains 7Factor Founder Jeremy Duvall, “our process and our software engineering life cycle is so advanced that we can bring a brand new product to market in less than two months: in production, with site reliability, with the appropriate high availability switches in place. And that’s a testament to the work that the team has put into how we go about building products in our process.” 

As we went to work developing WellEntry, 7Factor refused to compromise its principles of establishing an automated deployment pipeline, implementing rigorous testing, and preserving our practices of Kanban and Kaizen – all while looking out for people’s health. The stakes were simply too high to do anything else. 

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