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Software development partnership brings stability and scale to a rapidly growing wellness platform.

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The Challenge

Welnys offers a consolidated marketplace of health and fitness professionals to support on-site corporate wellness programs, as well as Welnys TV, a streaming service for distributed workforces and WFH employees. 

Built and maintained by a part-time freelance developer, their platform was struggling to scale to meet increased demand as Welnys underwent rapid growth. The platform had also accumulated a growing backlog of bugs and needed features due to insufficient access to engineering support. A manual build process also slowed the pace of deployment. 

Welnys needed a more flexible, scalable infrastructure to meet the growing demand for their solution, as well as more reliable access to development services to maintain the platform. They chose 7Factor to help bring their technology in sync with business growth while paving the way for future growth and extensions.  

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Our Solution

To start, 7Factor built a more sophisticated, automated development infrastructure, then took responsibility for managing a disciplined development process. Having established a DevOps infrastructure, we stabilized the platform, including the API, database, and web-based user application, updated the version of Google Cloud it was running on, and refactored the codebase so that it was easier to follow, read, de-bug, and expand with new features in the future. Finally, we cleared out the backlog of bugs and features. 

Armed with a stable software architecture and a more reliable technology partner, Welnys has continued its rapid growth with Fortune 500 and S&P 500 subscribers like Walmart. 


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"The platform that 7Factor built for us is a game-changer for corporate wellness programs. They build stuff, and it works."

Heather Waibel

Founder, Welnys

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What Sets Us Apart

At 7Factor, our small teams of engineers act as an extension of our clients, conducting thorough infrastructure and application audits to understand technical requirements and identify areas of improvement. Weighing these findings against the client’s stated business objectives, we determine which products, systems, and solutions will allow them to meet their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  
“When we came on with Welnys, we knew their platform was having stability issues,” explained Jeremy Duvall, founder of 7Factor. “So our first job was to do an assessment of their codebase, then recommend the best way forward.” The 7Factor team determined it would be more cost-efficient to fix the existing code base – rather than start from scratch – while still hitting all of the client’s targets related to scale and extensibility. Moving forward, Welnys continues to draw on our full pool of talent for ongoing maintenance, new features, and continuous improvements.

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