IoT Data and Firmware Management Transformation through AWS and FOTA 

When a leading sensor manufacturer in the HVAC/R industry needed help modernizing their IoT sensor data management and firmware update process, we were happy to rise to the challenge.

  • HVAC/R Industry
  • AWS Cloud
  • FOTA

The Challenge

The sensor manufacturer’s operations involved the deployment of IoT sensors across various client properties, including public service vehicles and buildings, to monitor conditions such as temperature and humidity. These sensors collected vast amounts of data, which were then stored and managed across different cloud services, leading to inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. The client wanted to make their database more secure and scalable and completely automate their infrastructure, which was impossible in their current cloud environment. 


Their infrastructure presented several inefficiencies and security concerns: 

Dispersed Data Management 

The dispersed data management system, with IoT data stored separately from other operational databases, slowed down data processing and increased operational complexity. 

Insecure Manual Processes 

Manual processes for updating sensor firmware were insecure and inefficient, posing risks to data integrity and device functionality. 

Scalability Constraints 

The existing infrastructure had limited scalability to manage the increasing data volume and was not optimized for the scale of data collected, leading to potential losses in data accuracy. 

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Our Solution

The migration to AWS and the implementation of a modern Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) system revolutionized our client’s database management and firmware update process.  

This strategic move consolidated data on AWS, simplifying operations, enhancing data security, and minimizing manual errors in firmware updates. The new infrastructure, designed with a cleaner, microservice approach, utilizes AWS's Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, ensuring the system is primed for handling increasing volumes and complexity of data. This ensures operations can scale securely and efficiently. The FOTA system introduced a reliable, secure, and automated process for updating the client's thousands of IoT devices, each reporting data at different intervals, thereby keeping devices across the client network up-to-date and secure.  

By adopting AWS's robust cloud solutions and focusing on strategic IoT device management, our consulting team significantly improved the client's operational efficiency, security, and scalability. 

10k+ IoT

data points collected with modernized data management

30% faster

data processing with

two-pronged database system

40% increase

in firmware updates by implementing FOTA system

0 Minutes

downtime during and after AWS migration

"Their [client’s] pre-existing cloud landscape was hindering the performance of their product and its ability to adapt to their market. In the realm of IOT, it's critical to have to store vast quantities of data and to be able to query and retrieve that data fast when it's needed. Migrating to AWS opened up the client's options on a global scale. Not only can the client provide their service to their customers with faster load times and more efficient storage, but also it gives the product the adaptability to grow (or shrink) where and when that is needed.” ."

Tom Sarver

7Factor Software Engineer 

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What Sets Us Apart

7Factor transitioned the client's application to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and migrated their database, the 7Factor team facilitated enhanced data processing and streamlined firmware updates. This initiative empowered the client to scale globally, ensuring swift delivery of IoT data worldwide. Through meticulous planning and execution, they mitigated operational inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities, setting a new standard for efficiency and scalability in the HVAC/R industry. By embracing AWS's cloud solutions and prioritizing strategic IoT device management, the 7Factor team significantly enhanced the client's operational efficiency, security, and scalability, positioning them as leaders in their field.

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