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The Challenge

Regnum Christi, a global religious organization, faced challenges as their website experienced significant global growth, leading to backend issues affecting site functionality and user experience. To enhance member services and improve site security, Regnum Christi created a subsite specifically for English-speaking members.

While the international team successfully executed the migration, the subsite encountered backend issues, hindering the incorporation of new functionality and custom features. Seeking a solution, Regnum Christi engaged the 7Factor team to develop the necessary custom site functionalities.

The English-language subsite, initially built and hosted on WordPress, revealed numerous outdated and unused plugins detected by the 7Factor team, posing a higher risk of security breaches. Users choosing "English" as their primary language on the global site needed redirection to the English subsite, while visitors from non-English speaking countries were to be directed to the parent site. However, the existing English subsite needed help managing these processes.

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Our Solution

The 7Factor team played a crucial role in addressing various challenges for Regnum Christi. They untangled plug-ins, utilized custom code for seamless communications, and implemented custom functionality, all while prioritizing an in-house knowledge transfer. In terms of site security, the 7Factor team deleted unused plug-ins and vetted the functionality of operational ones. 

To facilitate seamless navigation between the global Regnum Christi site and its English subsite, regardless of a visitor's location, 7Factor employed a custom WordPress plug-in called "IP2Location Redirection”. Beyond completing the site builds, 7Factor also focused on ensuring the scalability of solutions for the future. This involved conducting multiple demo sessions to educate all Regnum Christi team members on making changes, navigating the platform, and understanding the new site landscape.


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Continued support

ongoing site monitoring

"The communication and delivery from the team was clear and consistent. From the first initial contact to the delivery of the site, it’s been a pleasure working with 7Factor."

Kerrie Rivard

Marketing and Communications Director

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What Sets Us Apart

Regnum Christi worked with 7Factor under the Force Multiplier Program,  which provides discounted rates to support non-profits and startups. The establishment of an open and trustworthy relationship between the Regnum Christi and 7Factor teams paved the way for a collaborative approach, fostering effective communication and resulting in the delivery of a professional, top-tier product.

This partnership does not end with the current completion of work. 7Factor will actively monitor the security of the Regnum Christi website, incorporating new functionalities and addressing challenges as the site scales. This relationship demonstrates 7Factor's commitment to ensuring the ongoing success of its clients, marking them as a reliable partner in Regnum Christi's technological journey.

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