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Starting January 2024

What is Apprentice

What is the 7Factor Apprenticeship Program?

The 7Factor Apprenticeship Program is a three-month, hands-on software and consulting opportunity for underrepresented individuals in the tech community.

7Factor Software is a human-centric software consulting company that recognizes the lack of diversity in tech. We know that differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions lead to true collaboration that results in the best solutions, and believe companies are missing out on an abundance of talent by not recruiting or accepting a wider variety of candidates.

Whether you’re self-taught, making a career change, or from a community currently underrepresented in the tech field, 7Factor is committed to providing you with the resources and on-site experience you need to grow in the software industry.

Applications for the 2024 Apprenticeship Program are closed. Please check back fall 2024 for our next round of applications.

Apprentices will be treated as software engineers from day one. Throughout the three-month journey, you will work under the close guidance of a staff engineer, who will also work on the same project. The role of the staff engineer is to act as a mentor and aid. Additionally, apprentices will meet periodically with an engineering manager to discuss career and program goals.

Apprentices and mentors will also have weekly check-ins with each other to share knowledge and work together. 7Factor believes in the power of small teams; apprentices will always be supported when solving problems.

We are firm believers that ideologies and mindset are superior to hard skills. Therefore, the ideal 7Factor apprentice:

  • Has a strong desire to learn. You seek continuous improvement, yearn to know the reasons behind the code, and want to learn from others.
  • Is a team player. You understand that collaboration is imperative. You are quick to help others and even quicker to ask questions.
  • Loves tech. While you don’t need to be an expert software engineer, a passion for technology is an important trait.
  • Has medium to advanced computer skills in an operating system of your choice.

We understand that everyone’s background is unique, but these general skills are beneficial:

  • Experience working in a professional environment communicating with customers/clients.
  • A highly self-motivated initiative-taker, and able to learn new concepts independently.
  • Desire to show up on time, be respectful, and learn from experts. Humble attitude yet voraciously seeks out the advantages of opportunity.
  • Organized, forward-thinking, and goal oriented.

In addition to working on a project for a 7Factor client, apprentices will participate in all 7Factor learning events and work toward the understanding of primary languages/frameworks.

Our goal is to provide skills and experiences to add to each apprentice's resume so that they have a launch point for their career at the end of the program.

First, you'll fill out our application form below, sharing some basic information as well as your answers to short essay questions about you, your programming journey, and your unique engineering talent.

Once you've submitted your application, our hiring managers will review your submission. Candidates moving on to the next step will go through the same interview process as all other 7Factor engineers. We will have a culture call, involving a 30-minute conversation with an engineering manager to see how you relate to our company culture. On an additional technical interview, we will simply see "what you can do." Feel free to show us anything you're excited about!


We value the time and energy you will be dedicating to our projects. All 7Factor apprentices will be paid a competitive hourly rate at 40 hours a week.

Please note: while this is a remote opportunity, you must live in the continental United States to be eligible. International candidates will not be accepted.

Apprentices will attend an initial three-day onboarding at our home office in Atlanta where you will get acquainted with your team and spun up on your project. Following your in-person onboarding, you will work with our fully remote teams from wherever you call home.


Amy Maraisane

7Factor Software Engineer

“This experience jump-started my career in tech. The level of mentorship and exposure to real client projects was exceptional!”

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