7Factor Fosters the Future of Tech for a Brighter Tomorrow

7Factor Software is passionate about mentoring young tech talent today so that they will have the skills and experience they need to be the leaders of tech tomorrow.

Since our start in 2016, we have been passionate about mentoring those who have a pure desire to know more about technology. As a software company that believes in a human-centric, quality-over-quantity approach to problem-solving, we value demonstrating proper practices to upcoming tech talent, in order to help them to find their technical strengths and interests. As we enter our sixth year as a company, we are excited to continue, and expand, our efforts in educating the future of tech.

Project experience is priceless

Many young software enthusiasts are stunted in their programming development because they aren’t able to work on functional projects. So from the get-go in 2019, 7Factor interns were assigned to a working project that ties to a real client. This hands-on experience is critical as it allows them to see how real-time problem solving is handled and how engineers work together as a team. 

Intern Holden Rohrer states, “I’ve really learned how coding works on a team project. Working with 7Factor developers has shown me how to produce quality code and overcome roadblocks”. 

From a few to a crew

Watching a handful of interns thrive under our guidance fueled our desire to take on even more bright minds. In 2020 our founder Jeremy Duvall decided to take on an entire class of collegiate software students. 

About the endeavor, Duvall says: “I was approached by my good friend Joshua Cuneo at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to create and drive a semester-long project for his class. While I was initially overwhelmed, it was invaluable to be able to watch their progression over the course of the project.” 

Cuneo was confident that 7Factor’s culture of thought leadership would show his students how to code with integrity. He explains: “I had done some work previously with 7Factor and was extremely impressed with the culture and ethics. It felt like the type of place that could serve up a wonderful industry experience for my students while also giving 7Factor a chance to help mentor the upcoming generation of programmers.”

The students also found this experience priceless. Solving a solution for an actual client instead of an artificially-generated classroom assignment went above and beyond their expectations. 

Guiding young tech minds is a part of 7Factor’s culture of “watering others.” Our whole team found working with the college students to be so inspiring that the semester-long project has now evolved into a standing agreement that students in this class will partner with 7Factor engineers on future projects.

To further extend our mentorship reach, this year we will also establish an apprenticeship program to provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience to those who come from backgrounds that make acquiring software experience challenging. This program has been long in the works and we are eager to welcome more bright minds to the 7Factor team.

Keeping the conversation going

In addition to traditional mentorship, at 7Factor we also devote our time and energy to social issues in the tech world. The impact of these projects is amplified by partnering with other companies that share these ideologies.

In 2021, for instance, we partnered with Women Who Code to shine a light on imposter syndrome and how it affects women in tech. This panel-wide discussion included women from all walks of life and created a safe place in which they could discuss their very real feelings of insubordination that are rooted in a broken system. Pulling back the curtain on broken and biased systems in this way was not only invigorating but aligned with our company priorities. We will continue to look for ways in which to further these kinds of causes and conversations. 

Working at 7Factor means caring beyond the code. Our team members strive to create social change by enabling the future of software with the mentorship and ideologies they need. We promise to always uphold the values of our 7 factors through teaching others software and leadership best practices.

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