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Value-Led Growth: Why Being a Two-Time Recipient of Inc. Regionals Southeast Award Means So Much to 7Factor

For the second year in a row, 7Factor has received the honor of being among the Inc. Regionals Southeast award recipients, a recognition bestowed upon companies that have demonstrated extraordinary revenue growth in the last year.

Why is this so meaningful to us? For a couple of reasons.

Last year, we were ranked #125 out of 200 companies who received this award. This year, we’re listed as #62. This means that in only a year, we have halved our distance from #1, and have seen a 326% revenue increase.

To have achieved this honorable status alone is a big accomplishment. But for us, it also means we have fully crossed the threshold from a small to mid-sized company with:

During this rapid growth, our goal has remained the same: to produce quality software that solves problems. And being recognized by organizations like Inc. in this way only further enables us to share our beliefs about what qualifies as good software and how to invest in the future of tech properly.

How have we managed this accomplishment?

“7Factor has been able to grow because of our unique commitment to building high-quality software using novel techniques for world-class product organizations,” says our Founder and CEO, Jeremy Duvall. “Our small strike teams use probabilistic forecasting to help guide clients towards sane delivery dates and push the success of the entire value stream.”

“Our success can be attributed to our talented teams, strong work ethic, and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions,” adds our Director of Client Services Sarah Dant. “We view our clients as partners and not just our customers. Additionally, we have successfully leveraged emerging technologies and industry trends to stay ahead of the competition and establish ourselves as a leading player in the market.”

That we’ve been able to remain forward-looking and quality-focused even in times of upheaval is perhaps what this award validates for us most.

“I am most proud of our team’s capabilities to learn any language, framework, or technology for any industry,” Duvall says. “We have demonstrated that we can build strategic assets with our customers who span 10 industries to help them meet their business goals on time and on budget.”

And We Plan to Keep Growing, With Quality

It will be great if next year we can announce a third recognition from Inc. Regionals, and another climb in our ranking. But growing for the sake of accolades is not our intent.

“We will continue to grow through our unique organizational structure and adding team members as client needs arise,” says Duvall. “But we don’t need to scale by hundreds of people, because a 7Factor team provides 10x the value of a ‘standard SCRUM team’ due to our values, goals, and obsession with becoming better engineers every day.”

“There is a great future for 7Factor as the demand for technology solutions continues to grow,” adds Dant.

Meeting this need by supplying the right teams, who ask the right questions to find the right solutions to build good things for all of us — that’s the kind of award that means the most to us.