7Factor Software Makes Big Impacts for High School Software Intern

Ashvin Ramanathan, a 17-year-old high school student, is the latest up and coming talent to intern at 7Factor Software. During his time with us, he’s crafted his skills and developed his passion for software by working under the wings of 7Factor engineers.

A senior at Centennial High School, Ashvin’s drive and dedication landed him a semester-long internship at 7Factor through his school’s internship program. This does not come easy, as Ramanathan is one of only ten students in the program and one of only two who are interning in the computer science field.

7Factor saw Ramanathan’s potential and has acted as a guide into the real world of coding. In his four months at 7Factor, Ramanathan has gained more knowledge of coding than he has in his four years of computer science classes.

Ramanathan’s time at 7Factor was mostly spent with 7Factor engineer Amy Maraisane, who has helped guide him into the Vue framework.

“At first the codebase was so large I was overwhelmed,”, said Ramanathan, “but now I feel comfortable and have little trouble knocking out my tickets.”.

This confidence continued to grow with his one-on-one time with Maraisane. Despite having to work remotely, Ramathan still gets face to face time to talk through tickets. “We hop on a share screen multiple times a week and work together for a few hours at a time. It’s great,” Ramathan explained.

What has stuck out to Ramanathan the most is the culture at 7Factor. Having heard the stories of late nights and long hours in the software industry, he was blown away by 7Factor’s human-centric focus.

“7Factor gives so much freedom to their engineers. I was surprised to see how much the company cares for the team members,” he said.

This appreciation works both ways. When asked about her time mentoring Ramanathan, Maraisane said that “working with Ashvin has reminded me how much I enjoy teaching and being a guide for someone else”.

Ramanathan’s time interning at 7Factor has been paramount in his decisions moving forward in software. Having little knowledge of professional software engineering, this experience has ignited his passion for the software industry. This is, in large part, due to the culture and attitudes of the 7Factor team.

When asked how 7Factor has changed his viewpoints on software, Ramanathan simply answered, “7Factor has helped me realize that I want to work for something that I have passion towards. I want to help people and know the reason behind the code”.

Maraisane and 7Factor as a whole were so impressed with Ramanathan that he will be returning as an intern in his spring semester. 7Factor will continue to guide Ramanathan, and other young tech talent, on their journey in the software field.