7Factor Software Intern is Ready to take on Georgia Tech after Gaining Crucial Hands-on Experience

Software intern Holden Rohrer has realized his passion for clean, quality code after gaining real-world experience at 7Factor Software.

Rohrer has been interested in the coding world since the age of 10. “All my experience prior to this internship was self-taught. I have always been fascinated by computers and software” said Rohrer. This dedication to self-improvement and thirst for knowledge is what made him a perfect fit for 7Factor Software.

A senior at Centennial High School, Rohrer achieved his internship through the HireMe process. This career-based program allows the top percent of students to gain real-world knowledge of their career interests through semester-long internships. Rohrer went through the standard interview process at 7Factor Software, which includes a culture call and coding assessment.

7Factor Set Rohrer Up for Success

Rohrer’s time at 7Factor has been spent under the wings of Staff Software Engineer, Chelsea Green. Through her mentorship, Rohrer has learned front-end frameworks, story systems, and how to work collaboratively on a project.

“Holden is a critical thinker and excellent problem solver”, said Green, “He navigates new technology and unfamiliar systems with the ease and confidence you might expect a seasoned software engineer to have”.

Rohrer has gained valuable insight into how things really work in the software field. “I’ve really learned how coding works on a team project. Working with 7Factor developers has shown me how to produce quality code and overcome roadblocks”, said Rohrer.

Getting one-on-one time with 7Factor engineers has shown Rohrer how much of an impact company culture makes on the quality of work produced. Rohrer has been blown away by how eager 7Factor engineers are to explain things and help not only himself, but other team members work through problems.

“7Factor is tech-forward”, said Rohrer, “Everyone on the team is helpful and strives for excellence”.

Moving forward, Rohrer is excited to attend Georgia Tech this upcoming fall as a computer science major. He is certain his time at 7Factor will serve him well in his computer science classes. The 7Factor team is eager to see the great things Rohrer will accomplish! 7Factor will always invest in the future of up-and-coming engineers.