7Factor Founder and WellEntry Creator Jeremy Duvall is Welcomed into the Forbes Technology Council

7Factor is proud to announce that The Forbes Technology Council has extended an invitation to Jeremy Duvall to join their exclusive community of world-class CIOs, CTO’s, and Technology Executives.

Jeremy has paved the way for a generative culture in the software industry. His company, 7Factor Software, prides itself on thought leadership, kind candor, and placing diversity as a first-class citizen. Now a team of 21, 7Factor has proved that doing things the right way the first time is the key to success.

“We are honored to welcome Jeremy Duvall into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils. Jeremy’s emphasis on putting humans first is a value that is instilled throughout the Forbes Technology Council. His addition to the council only further emphasizes the Forbes Council’s dedication to improvement and excellence.

Jeremy is excited to join The Forbes Technology Council because of the emphasis on knowledge share. “I’m proud to be a part of a platform dedicated to elevating excellent ideas,” said Duvall. “I look forward to contributing ideas from 7Factor’s generative culture to help elevate others towards high performing and human-centric teams.”

Jeremy’s emphasis on problem-solving is what led to the creation of 7Factor’s infectious disease control app, WellEntry. Designed with users in mind, WellEntry’s customizable health screenings, dashboards, and data analytics allow people to come together safely without the fear of spreading harmful germs and bacteria.

“The big difference between what we do and what other people do is that we provide a bit more fine-grained analytics on what we’re providing to people,” Duvall said. “WellEntry is not designed to just be a COVID-19 survey platform. It’s an entire workflow around infectious disease control.”

Jeremy’s current and future innovations are an asset to the Forbes Technology Council. Jeremy welcomes his acceptance to the council as an acknowledgment that his emphasis on culture and kindness are helping better the world of tech.

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